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Who we are

With our office close to Munich, we are a firm of German tax advisors and public accountants who specialize in assisting tax payers with their tax and accounting needs. We work with multinational listed companies (DAX, M-DAX, S-DAX, NASDAQ, Nikkei 225) and private equity investments as well as individuals or families who are doing business in Germany and focus on providing highly skilled advice in domestic and cross-border situations. Combining extensive 'big four' expertise with far reaching practical work experience, we can support you in all areas of tax and economics.

We understand the competing interaction of German tax law with foreign tax juris­dictions, be they exemption or credit systems. Knowing the complexities that foreigners face when running a business, working or living in Germany, we consider your specific business and personal footprint and support you with tailor made advice matching your individual needs.

Our services

We provide a wide range of tax, ac­count­ing and con­sulting ser­vices, including finan­cial ac­count­ing and statutory auditing, tax com­pliance, tax struc­turing, strategic planning, re­orga­niza­tions, M&A work, tax audit defense and tax appeals, tax accounting support, withholding tax recovery and exemption certificates, grants & incentives, inheritance tax, VAT, wage tax, social security and pay­roll ac­count­ing.